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Fencing Repair in Northwest Arkansas


Although there are many types of gates, they can be categorized into two main groups: automatic and manual.



This is the most popular type of driveway gate – automatic driveway gates open automatically when you approach them. With no key or button to press, they are able to be opened by anything that triggers the sensor. They are often equipped with sensors that can detect movement, either from a person or something larger, like a car or truck. An automatic gate is typically used for vehicle entrances and are usually the most convenient gate to have, so much so that you might even forget that it’s there!


This is the second more popular type of driveway gate. Manual driveway gates don’t come with sensors and require you to physically open them. Manual gates are common for pedestrian entrances, but it is also common for people to set up a driveway gate with an automatic section for cars and other vehicles to enter and a manual section for people. These two categories are broad, though, and it’s also important to consider what kind of property you want to install a driveway gate for. The situation that the driveway gate is required for, whether it is for a residential, commercial, rural farm, or mountain property, can change the type of gate that would work best.


    Driveway gates for residential properties are the most versatile. Of course, the specifics of the customization of your driveway gate depends on your home. Things like size and opening action are easy to design, as that is dependent on the space that you have on your driveway.

    Other things to consider are security and accessibility. How secure do you want your home to be? Do you want to be able to have hands-free access? Do you want the driveway gate to open for cars only, or do you also want pedestrian access? Another important thing to think about is safety around your driveway gate. If you have children or pets that could get caught in the mechanism of the driveway gate, you may want to install some safety features.

    Once you’ve figured this out, there are a lot of things you can customize for the design of your driveway, including material, color, and shape. There are hundreds of previously designed driveway gates you can browse and choose from.


    If you’re seeking a driveway gate for a Farmington or Fayetteville, AR commercial property, you have very different needs than a residential property. Many commercial properties prioritize security over design. However, you can have both. The most secure driveway automatic gate systems often have a sleek, minimalistic design. This can be combined with various security features, such as an intercom for communication, or any type of lock from keypads to sensors to card readers.



    Driveway gates for rural farms should not only be secure but also safe for livestock. If you’re looking for a fence for your farm though, you can still have a beautifully designed driveway gate. Some gate systems have features that can be useful to keep the fence safe and functional including additional sensors to stop the gate immediately if it finds something in the way. You may also want to check for sturdier materials to make sure the driveway gate lasts.


    Driveway gates made out of wood can be a beautiful piece of art. Especially for a residential property, wooden fences can complement a well-groomed garden without being too imposing. However, wood can also be heavier than other materials, so it’s not ideal for larger gates. Another issue to factor in when considering wooden driveway gates is durability—while wood is an attractive material visually, it is a natural material that will degrade over time unless maintained.


    Bentonville WROUGHT IRON GATES

    Driveway gates crafted out of wrought iron are extra durable and can withstand all sorts of harsh climates and conditions. Although using wrought iron can be more expensive, it can be worth it if your property is in a very windy place or surrounded by dangerous animals. Gates made from wrought iron also can help curate a distinct aesthetic for your driveway and house—these gates are in style and will never go out.

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