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Fencing Repair in Northwest Arkansas

At Deck Bros Fencing, we perform fence repairs for businesses and homeowners. If you are looking for wood fence repair services that will transform your fence, we provide the best wood fence repair in Northwest Arkansas. Our fence repairers are skillful in fence repair and maintenance services. Most companies downplay fence repairs because the project may be too small. Furthermore, other companies will charge high fees for fence repairs, and this is the main reason why finding the best company to do your fence repairs can be a daunting task.

At Deck Bros Fencing, no fence repair in Bentonville is too small for us to handle, we are more than happy to carry out all your fence repairs and ensure customer satisfaction. If a section of your fence needs urgent care, feel free to give us a call, we offer fence repairs that make an old fence look new.

When homeowners are unexpectedly forced to repair the entire wooden fence, most of the time, they may not have budgeted for this task. We can carry out repairs on your wooden fence one portion at a time to ease the stress on the budget and schedule. Our highly-skilled team of fence repair engineers will assess the situation and inform you of the best way to perform the task. Small repairs can be done in the initial visit while fence repairs that measure 500ft are completed within a single week. We offer the best repair services within the least time possible for wood fence repair in Fayetteville, AR.

At Deck Bros Fencing, we repair wood fences that suffer from wet or dry rot, the wood is cut with a saw and patched to stop further damage. Some of the wood may require replacement; our team will assess the damage and provide the best solution. Termite damage requires proper repair and in most occasions, replacement is the only option; at Deck Bros we even take steps to protect the wood from excessive moisture. Also, all popped and rusty nails are replaced.

We also repair sagging wood fences that are commonly caused by rotting of the main post, or when the posts hole becomes too big. A rotted post can be fixed but if the damage is extensive, a replacement is necessary. The big hole is filled with stone and concrete; we also fix fallen rails and wobbly fences. We offer the best wood fence repair in Springdale, and we will help you get the job done.

When & Why TO Repair Your Fence?

  • Cheaper Than Replacing: So its time for a new fence but that can cost a bit much at the moment. Instead, it can be a lot smart to just replace the current fence. Replacing instead of building a new fence is a fantastic way to bring it back to life while keeping some extra money for yourself.
  • Dangerous: A fence that needs repairs can be dangerous. With things such as nails, loose boards, or a leaning fence a lot could go wrong within a split second. Whether it’s you, a pet, or family member it’s smarter to just repair the fence instead of it collapsing or puncturing someone nearby.
  • Rotting: Over time a wooden fence can start to rot due to weather. This can be a major issue that can result in the fence collapsing. After enough rotting there could be a hole that forms that will allow a pet to get our or an unwanted animal in. Regardless its best to get that fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Unsightly: A fence that’s falling apart can be an eyesore. The good news is our expert team can come in and make any repairs necessary. Whether it’s rotting, collapsing, or just not working properly our team can do it all. With years of experience we’ll be able to bring life back into the fence.
  • Termite Damage: Termites can be a major issue for any wood fence. These pests love to chew on wood, which isn’t good for anyone that has a wooden fence. There are some things you can do to prevent future termites but for the damage that has already been done we do have some good news. Not only can we fix the problems, we’ll also do it at a great price!
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