Deck Bros has merged with Bearded Decks and Outdoor Living Spaces! Going forward we will be operating as Bearded Decks & Outdoor Living Spaces. We're excited about this merger and are looking forward to continuing to serve all of Northwest Arkansas. We are open for business and taking new appointments!

West Dickson Street

Fayetteville is the amusement central command of the locale and the Downtown and Dickson Street zones fill in as the focal point. Dickson Street is home to a large number of the interesting stores, displays, bars and cafés that Fayetteville offers.

Find the mixed hints of Fayetteville at one of the numerous bars and cafés offering unrecorded music pretty much all week long. From moving to shooting pool, there is something for everybody’s preferences.

The energy in this space will revitalize even the most depleted traveler (or occupant). Here you’ll track down George’s Majestic Lounge, the most seasoned and longest-running club and unrecorded music setting in Arkansas. A portion of the country’s most popular names in music have played on Dickson Street.

What’s more, Fayetteville accepts an incredible diversion locale ought to likewise be alive during the sunshine hours. Go through your early daytime meandering through the Dickson Street Bookshop or have a loosening up lunch of your selection of porches. Appreciate an evening pastry or walk the Downtown Square gardens.

It’s difficult to miss the focal point of our city, simply tune in for the heartbeat and follow it to our noteworthy Downtown and Dickson Street.