Deck SEALING in Northwest Arkansas


If you want to preserve the natural look of a new wood deck and protect the wood from “graying”, new deck sealing is the best option. While many new deck contractors do not want to seal a newly installed deck, you can seal your deck anytime within the first 1-3 months of your new deck’s life.

There are many deck oils, varnishes, and polyurethanes on the market today. The Deck Bros will recommend the best wood deck sealer, in terms of aesthetics and durability, for your particular wood type and weather conditions. We have specific wood deck sealers for Ipe, Ironwood, Managaris, Teak, Redwood, Cedar and almost any other wood type your deck is built from.

Presenting the best new deck sealers and allowing you to see and choose the one that creates the right color or protection is part of the value we bring to each of our customers.

    Professional Grade Deck Sealers

    There are so many deck sealers on the market today there is a fair amount of confusion with consumers trying to choose the correct one for their deck. In order to be of the best service to our customers, we need to be experienced in all of your options to present the best ones to you. Therefore, we have tested and continue to test all the top wood sealers and have formed highly educated views on each of their relative strengths and weaknesses. From these options, we have selected the best sealers for Ipe, Ironwood, Managaris, Teak, Redwood, Cedar, and almost any other wood type you can name.

    We will always recommend the best sealer that will be successful for you in terms of aesthetics and durability for your particular wood type, weather, and use conditions.

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